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Hadith in English

Hzrat Ibn-e-Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) was once reclining (Itikaaf) in the Prophet’s Mosque.

A person came greeted him and sat down quietly. Ibn-e- ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him)

said to him, “I see you sad and upset.


He Said What Is the Matter?

He said, “O cousin of the  Prophet (PBUH) Of course,  I am scared that so-and-so  has a right  to me,

I can’t able  to pay it. Hzrat Ibn-e-Abbas (RA) said:  It is better for me to intercede 

for you. He said, As you see fit, Abbas (RA) came out of the mosque in his shoes.

He said You have forgotten your I’tikaaf.


I have heard from him Prophet (PBUH) that a person who goes about his brother’s business and 

makes an effort is better than 10 years of I’tikaaf.


Whoever observes I’tikaaf for the sake of Allah one day, Allah will make 3 trenches

between him and Hell,


The distance of which is wider than the distance  between the heavens and the earth.


This is the virtue of one day I’tikaaf, so what is the virtue of ten years of I’tikaaf?


Hadith in Roman Urdu

Hzrat Ibn-e-Abbas (Raziyallahu Anhu) ek martba masjid nabwi  me the aap ke paas ek shaks aaya aur salaam kar ke chup chaap bait gaya. Hzrat Ibn-e-Abbas (R.A) ne is se farmaya ke mein tumhe gham zada aur pareshan dekh raha hoon kya baat hai, is ne kaha ke aye Rasool (SAW) ke chacha ke betay beshak pareshan hoon ke falan  ka mujh par haq hai mein uskay ada karne par Qadir nahi hoon.


Hzrat Ibn-e-Abbas (Raziyallahu  Anhu) ne farmaya ke achchaa kya mein is se teri sifarish

karoon. is ne arz kiya jaisa aap munasib samjhein,


Hzrat Ibn-e-Abbas (Raziyallahu Anhu) yeh sun kar joota pehan kar masjid

se bahar tashreef laaye, is shakhs ne arz  kiya ke aap apna Itikaaf bhool

gaye, farmaya bhoola nahi hoon balke mein Aap (SAW) se suna hai jo

shaks–apne bhai ke kisi kaam mein chalay phiray aur koshish kare tho

10 baras ke Itikaaf se afzal hai.


Ek Din Ki Itikaaf Ki Fazilat

Jo shaks ek din ka bhi Itikaaf Allah ki razaa ke wastay karta hai tho Allah uskay aur
Jahannam ke darmiyaan 3 khandaqein aad farmate hain jin ki masafat aasman aur
zameen ke darmiyani masafat se ziyada chaudi hai.

Ek din ki Itikaaf ki yeh fazeelat hai tho das baras ki Itikaaf ki kya fazeelat hogi




Allah Almighty has stated one of the attributes of the believers


Hadith in English

1. Allah Almighty has awakened one of the attributes of the believers that they turn away from useless things.

2. Allah Almighty has stated one of the attributes of the believers: And they do not engage in vain talk, and
if they pass by vain gatherings by chance, they do so with seriousness and dignity.

3. Allah says when they hear nonsense, they turn away from it.

4. Allah Almighty has instructed Muslims! If a wicked person comes to you with  news (in which someone
has a complaint, investigate the news thoroughly, lest you rely on it and harm a people out of ignorance).
You have to regret what you did.


Allah ta’ala ne imaan walon ki ek sifat irshad farmai


Hadith in Roman Urdu

1. Allah ta’ala ne imaan walon ki ek sifat Irshad farmai ke wo log bekar laya’ni baton se a’araaz karte hain.

2. Allah ta’ala ne imaan walon ki ek sifat yeh bayan farmai hai: Aur woh behooda baton mein shaamil nahi
hotay aur agar ittifiaqan behooda majlison ke paas se guzren tho sanjeedgi aur sharafat ke sath guzrjate hain.

3. Allah ta’ala ka irshad hai: aur jab koi behooda baat suntay hain tho is se muhn phair letay hain.

4. Allah ta’ala ka irshad hai: musalmano! Agar koi shareer tumahray paas koi khabar le kar aaye (jis mein
kisi ki shikayat ho tho is khabar ki khoob chhaan been kar liya karo kahin aisa na ho ke tum is ki baat par
a’etmaad kar ke kisi  qaum ko nadani se koi nuksaan pouncha do phir tumhe apne kiye par pachtaana padhay


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